Our reality is not the reality.

Reality has a common property with consciousness in they are largely unknown. Many theories have arisen of what they actually are but they are still searching in the dark. One of the major problems with reality is that our biology does not allow us to see its true nature.




There are two major reasons why we cannot rely on the real world, one is that it is chaotic and does not highlight threats or advantages but delivers an energy graded result. The second one is that our optical sensors are very limited and poor in their design. A low priced camera would out perform our eyes.




Evolution has engineered life to create a reality that fits its requirement to exist and reproduce. The complexity of quantum mechanics would be impossible for an organism to comprehend, so it has developed a cut down approach to make things usable. A certain colour such as red is seen as red, not as a result of photon absorption at a certain frequency. This allows us to use symbolism to make this a property.



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